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Hi there! My name is Kim Bassan and I'm passionate about media and technology. My purpose is to produce creative, valuable content and engage with my community.

Amid a global pandemic, economic evolution, technology progression and life transformation there is no surprise many people are concerned with ‘The Burnout’.

Hamid Omid is the founder of integrityCo, with years of experience in the field of data science, machine learning, product management and a great sense of humour, Hamid enjoys helping companies identify valuable and transformative opportunities with a focus on digital products and big data. As the industry begins to understand the unexploited resourcefulness of novel technologies such as A.I , executives are looking for strategies to innovate and create value from their data. Hamid shares his expertise to help companies plan successful AI & ML products and reach their fullest potential for success.

We will spare you the worn-out talking points, we all understand that COVID-19 has forever changed our familiar life and economy. Face masks, two feet distance and all of a sudden we became hand-sanitizer experts. But to stay successful in the market, the real expertise you want to acquire for remote working conditions is how to manage your business successfully.

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